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National Consumer Panel Review
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Best Feature:
Smaller panel increases odds of winning sweepstakes
Worst Feature:
Scanning all purchases is tedious and time-consuming
Best Uses:
Homemakers / sweeps enthusiasts with free time
7,200 Gift Points = $10 (rough estimate)

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This is NCP's public homepage. To apply for the panel, you will click the "Join the Panel" box.
Credit: National Consumer Panel

We give National Consumer Panel an A-. NCP is a very reputable panel formed by two of the top market research companies in the US, and we would recommend it to anyone with extra time on their hands who wants to join a "voice of the consumer" panel. We had to deduct points because it is tedious and time-consuming to scan purchases (particularly if you shop at specialty stores or use a lot of coupons) and the number of gift points you earn for weekly transmissions is pretty pitiful. With that said, we've chosen to overlook the gift points and focus on the sweepstakes. Since NCP only has a limited number of members, your odds of winning one of the weekly, monthly or quarterly sweepstakes are significantly higher than they would be with most other panel companies. NCP gives away numerous prizes over the year ranging from $25 - $20,000, and we really like being a part of such an exclusive lotto.

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Date Reviewed
October 2013
October 2013
October 2013
Reputable company; smaller panel means higher odds of winning sweepstakes; scanner is easy to set up and use; new NCPMobile app makes scanning easier
Reputable panel; higher than average payouts; panelists prequalified for all product evaluation studies; points redeemable for cash, charity or various merchandise; no minimum redemption balance; fast payment processing; get to try out exciting new products at home
Reputable company; straightforward cash rewards system; $1 minimum redemption balance; higher than average payouts; user-friendly website; innovative two-tiered incentive system for referrals
Scanning purchases is time-consuming and tedious; gift points earned are pretty meager compared to time/effort; can't redeem points for cash; gift card options are limited; can take a while to be accepted into panel; mobile app is by invitation only and not currently available for Androids; details on panel not readily available outside of members' area
Can be difficult to join; website has very bad, dated user interface; fewer survey opportunities (about 1 - 2 per month); some complaints of unresponsive support; aren't able to select your own username/password; doesn't offer a mobile app
Takes 2 - 6 weeks for rewards balance to be updated after completing a survey; takes 4 - 12 weeks to receive check after requesting payment; a few panelists have reported issues receiving payment; doesn't offer a mobile app
Industry Presence (10%)
Member Experience (5%)
Earning Opportunities (20%)
Rewards Program (25%)
Ease of Accessing Opportunities (10%)
Redeeming Rewards (20%)
User Feedback (10%)
Open or Invitation-Only Membership
Minimum Age
Types of Paid Research
Product Scanning
Online Surveys
Online Surveys
Product Testing
Focus Groups
Online Surveys
Phone Interviews
Clinical Trials
Minimum Time Requirements
Yes, at least 10 - 20 minutes per week
Yes, about 20 minutes per month
Rewards System
# of Points = $1
7,200 points = $10 (estimate)
1,000 points = $10
Payout Options
Gift Cards
Charitable Donations
Charitable Donations
Minimum Payout
8,000 points
Rewards Processing Time
6 - 8 weeks (Physical Goods)
1 - 3 business days (PayPal)
7 - 10 business days (Check)
2 - 4 weeks (Physical Goods)
4 - 12 weeks (Check)
Profiling Surveys (For Targeting Opportunities)
NCP doesn't ask panelists to complete any additional profiling surveys after registering.
PineCone occasionally sends short household profiling surveys to help them match you with product evaluation studies.
SurveySavvy asks new members to complete 2 unpaid profiling surveys about their health and employment.
Earning Rewards
Members earn gift points and/or sweepstakes entries by submitting their purchases on a weekly basis and by participating in occasional online surveys. For each weekly transmission, you'll receive sweepstakes entries and gift points. You'll start by receiving 150 gift points per week, but you will eligible to receive more points the longer you are on the panel. Additionally, the more often you submit your weekly purchases, the more gift points you can potentially earn and the more sweepstakes entries you'll receive.
Members earn rewards for completing product evaluation studies and household profiling surveys. Product evaluation studies could be theoretical or require actual in-home testing. These studies average 1 - 2 per month, take about 15 - 20 minutes to complete and pay 300 rewards points ($3). Household profiling surveys are unpaid, but only take an average of 2 - 5 minutes to complete. However, members will automatically receive an entry into PineCone's $500 bi-weekly sweepstakes for taking profiling surveys (and for their participation in product evaluation studies).
Members will earn cash rewards for participating in online surveys and other types of research studies such as telephone/webcam interviews, focus groups, online communities, clinical trials, etc. While compensation will vary according to the type and length of the project, most surveys seem to pay an average of $1 - $3 for 10 - 20 minutes of time. Some surveys could pay as much as $15 - $20, and focus groups or clinical trials will pay substantially more. You can expect to receive about 20 study opportunities per month.
Referral Bonus
Earn cash for direct and indirect referrals (patented incentive system)
Mobile/Tablet Optimized Website
Mobile App

ProductReportCard Editors' In-Depth Review


Industry Presence

In 2009, the Nielsen Company and Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) announced they would be combining their Nielsen Homescan™ and IRI Consumer Network™ panels to form an operational joint venture known as the National Consumer Panel (NCP). Nielsen and IRI are two of the top market research companies in the US, and they Tuse NCP to collect data on consumer purchasing behavior for their clients in the manufacturing and retail industries. NCP is a very reputable company that is registered with the BBB and affiliated with CASRO.

This is the "Home" page of the members' area.
Credit: National Consumer Panel

Member Experience

Membership to NCP's panel is free, but NCP doesn't accept all new members' applications to join. NCP maintains a panel that is a representative sample of the U.S. population as a whole, so only a limited number of panelists are invited to participate based on their household demographics. To apply, you just need to submit your name, contact information, date of birth and some additional demographic background. Once you submit your information, NCP will then review your household demographics against the current needs of their panel. Please keep in mind that it can take some time to be accepted (about 5 weeks for me), but NCP will contact you by email as soon as a space on the panel opens up to confirm your continued interest in joining.

You will begin the initial registration process on this page. After you have applied, NCP will contact you as soon as they have a scanner available for you.
Credit: National Consumer Panel

If you still want to join, you will then receive an email that confirms the shipment of your scanner (or your access to NCPMobile) and that provides you with your member ID, so you can log on to the members' area of NCP will also send an instruction manual and a barcode reference booklet. The scanner or app will already be programmed with stores specific to your area, but you'll also receive a reference booklet on store names and types for additional convenience.

If you require a scanner, it will come with everything you need to get it up and running. Just in case it is broken or you decide not to participate in the panel, NCP includes a prepaid return label for your convenience.
Credit: Mary Griffin

All legal US residents are eligible to participate in NCP, but please keep in mind that members are required to

record and transmit all of the purchases they make each week. Depending on how you shop, it could take between 10 – 20 minutes a week to scan items, and membership is contingent upon complete and consistent participation. If your logged purchases fall below normal for a household of your size and demographics, NCP reserves the right to cancel your membership and deny access to the mobile app or request that you return the scanner.

Earning Opportunities

Panelists primarily earn rewards for submitting their purchases on a weekly basis. Besides regular price scanning, Nielsen/IRI may also use the information they have on your household demographics and shopping habits to send you relevant paid surveys for any online research they are conducting on behalf of their clients. Since NCP has carefully chosen each of its members, you will qualify for all of the earning opportunities you receive. NCP also offers panelists the opportunity to earn rewards by participating in "NCP Connect", in which software is installed onto your home computer to monitor how you use the computer, how you use the internet and what you buy. For your participation, you will receive one entry into a special quarterly sweepstakes that awards 10 NCP Connect members a $500 Visa® prepaid card.

Setting up your scanner is simple, and it will be ready to use as soon as it is charged.
Credit: Mary Griffin

Rewards Program

NCP compensates its panelists for their participation with gift points and with entries into weekly, monthly and quarterly sweepstakes. In terms of gift points, you'll start by earning 150 points per transmission but can earn more points the longer you are on the panel and the more active you are.

You will gradually earn more gift points per weekly transmission the longer you are on the panel.
Credit: National Consumer Panel

The points system is set up so that 7,200 gift points is roughly equal to about $10. The sweepstakes include:

  • "Lucky Weeks Sweepstakes": Each week, 10 active panelists will win a $50 Visa® prepaid card.
  • "Monthly Sweepstakes": Each month, 25 active panelists will win a $500 Visa® prepaid card.
  • "Random Surprise & Delight Sweepstakes": Each month, another 25 active panelists will win a $25 Visa® prepaid card.
  • "Pay for Your Shopping": Each month, NCP will reimburse 1 active panelist for one of their recent shopping trips (up to $300).
  • "Grand Prix": Each quarter, 1 active panelist will win their choice of a brand new car from Ford (i.e. Fiesta, Escape, Mustang, Taurus or F-150) or a check for $20,000.
  • "Super Scanner Sweepstakes": Each quarter, 40 active panelists will win a $500 Visa® prepaid card.
  • "Ultimate Shopping Spree": Each quarter, 1 active panelist will win 10 gifts (of their choice) from the current gift selection.
  • "NCP Connect": Each quarter, 10 NCP Connect participants will win a $500 Visa® prepaid card.
  • "Survey Points or Prizes": Panelists will be given the option on select online surveys to receive either gifts points or an entry into a special monthly prize drawing. Each month, 1 panelist will get to choose their prize from a list provided by NCP.

You'll receive 1,000 gift points as a bonus when you sign up, and you will also have the opportunity to take a short welcome survey about the website for another 500 points. After that, you'll start receiving 150 gift points and sweepstakes entries for each weekly transmission you submit. Your weekly gift points will gradually increase over time, and the more often you submit your weekly purchases, the more gift points you can potentially earn and the more entries you'll receive into the various sweepstakes. Each weekly transmission will earn you one entry into the "Lucky Weeks Sweepstakes", the "Monthly Sweepstakes", the "Random Surprise & Delight Sweepstakes" and the "Pay for Your Shopping" sweepstakes. If you submit all of your purchases each week for a month, you'll receive an additional 350 points as a Super Scanner bonus, and you will also receive one entry into the quarterly "Super Scanner Sweepstakes". If you submit your purchases every week for an entire quarter, you'll also receive one entry into the quarterly "Grand Prix" sweepstakes and the "Ultimate Shopping Spree" sweepstakes. Lastly, NCP will also give you 250 bonus points on your birthday, 1,500 bonus points on your 3-month anniversary, 1,000 bonus points on your 6-month anniversary and 1,000 bonus points on your 1-year anniversary (and each year after that).

You can check your rewards history and gift point balance from the "Rewards" tab within the members' area.
Credit: National Consumer Panel

Ease of Accessing Opportunities

You will primarily access opportunities with NCP using your computer and scanner (or NCPMobile app). Access to the free mobile app is by invitation only, and it is currently only compatible for the iPhone, iPod Touch (with camera), and iPad2 (or above).

Instead of the scanning device, some members will be invited to use NCPMobile, the mobile app for the iPhone, iPod Touch (with camera), and iPad2 (or above).
Credit: Mary Griffin

The scanner and the mobile app essentially work in the exact same way. After a shopping trip, you'll answer very basic questions about who the primary shopper was on the trip, whether anyone accompanied them, where they went shopping and if they used double or triple coupons. Then, you'll scan the barcode of each item that you purchased individually and enter the quantity purchased, price paid and any deals used. When you are done scanning, you'll enter the total cost of the trip, whether you used a frequent shopper card and how you paid (cash, check, credit, debit or other). NCP stresses that it is equally important to scan larger purchases as it is smaller purchases. Complete and consistent participation is essential to the success of their research.

Scanning is easy once you get the hang of it! If you aren't able to scan a barcode, you can use the barcode reference book to indicate which item you are trying to scan.
Credit: Mary Griffin

Redeeming Rewards

You can redeem your gift points using NCP's online catalog (starting at 8,000 points) for a variety of merchandise (ex. appliances, electronics, sporting equipment, etc.) or gift cards (ex. iTunes, Jiffy Lube, Facebook, etc.). Gift points are also redeemable for charitable donations. After you've placed your order, your gift will arrive in about 6 – 8 weeks. Please note that gifts can only be shipped to physical addresses and not to P.O. boxes.

From the "Rewards" page, you can redeem your gift points for gift cards, merchandise or charitable donations.
Credit: National Consumer Panel

User Experience

National Consumer Panel runs a professional, well-organized panel and offers reliable payouts, but it has received some mixed reviews online from panelists. While some people have really liked the program, others didn't think it was worth their time (or the wait). In my experience, it took about 5 weeks from the time I registered until I was selected to participate on the panel. My scanner arrived in perfect working order and was pretty straightforward to set up. The device itself is relatively small and unobtrusive, so I had hoped to keep it conveniently located in my kitchen, but, unfortunately, it isn't wireless and needs to be plugged into the wireless router in my office. At first, I found it difficult to remember to use it, but I eventually got into the routine of grabbing it before I started to unpack my groceries. The device is so easy to use that you almost don't even need the instruction manual, and the whole process becomes pretty mindless once you've figure out a scanning method that works for you. I personally like to unpack all of my groceries onto the countertop and then scan items as they appear on the receipt before putting them away. A few months into using the scanner, I was invited to try NCPMobile, which was free and easy to install on my phone. The app allows you to input your purchases by using your iPhone's camera to scan barcodes. Even though the functionality is essentially the same, I much prefer using my smartphone instead of the scanning device because the user interface is better and it makes inputting purchases significantly faster.

The bottom line, however, is that scanning all of the items you purchase each week is tedious and time-consuming. Most people complained that it just wasn't worth the effort, especially considering the pitiful number of gift points earned for each transmission. Spending 10 – 20 minutes a week for 150 points? Let's face it, you'd probably earn more money just by checking under your couch cushions. With that said, we still really like NCP and recommend it to anyone who is interested in participating in a "voice of the customer" panel so long as they have extra time they can devote to scanning their purchases each week. Even though you won't earn much in the way of gift points, your odds of winning one of their weekly, monthly or quarterly sweepstakes are significantly higher given the limited number of panelists. It's almost like being a part of an exclusive lotto with multiple chances to win prizes ranging from $25 to $20,000. If you don't have a very busy schedule, we would encourage you to try the scanner for a while to see how you like it. NCP includes a prepaid return label with the scanner in the original box, so you can easily return it if you decide that the panel just isn't for you.


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