Product Research has partnered with an international research company to conduct primary research on various consumer products. Our hope is that this research will provide you additional information when you are in the market to buy a product. In order to provide our members with as much useful information as possible, we share the results of our research with you here.

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Product Research Reports

Consumer Buyer Behavior: Plumbing Fixtures

Description: Clearvoice Research, in conjunction with ProductReportCard, designed and executed a series of surveys to understand consumer buyer behavior as it relates plumbing fixtures for their home. This report summarizes results among two segments of consumers. The first group is comprised of consumers interested in remodeling and/or design. This group, referred to as the "industry panel", were provided by CSNstores.comTM and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) (n=380). The second group consists of a more representative sample (with a skew towards younger consumers) of 2,100 members of the Clearvoice Research panel. This group is referred to as the "rep sample" or the "Clearvoice Panel" within the report.

  • General home ownership/home type
  • Incidence of past or planned renovation, rooms renovated, amount spent
  • Online shopping habits, how consumers shop for product
  • Awareness/purchase of brands
  • Brand attribute importance
Survey Completes: 2,480
Targeting: Gen Pop Consumers / Consumers interested in Home Remodel and Design
Completion Date: August, 2011
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Bicycle Buying Behavior - Moms

Description: Almost all parents purchase a bike for their child(ren) at some point. Product Report Card’s most recent research sought to understand the buying behavior of mothers when considering a bicycle for their children and define what 6 factors rank as most important.

  • Insight into purchase behavior of mothers purchasing bicycles for their children
  • Better understand which factors influence purchase behavior
  • Better understand repair preferences and children's bicycle lifecycles
Survey Completes: 1,430
Targeting: US mothers with children ages 18 and younger, who have purchased a bicycle for their child(ren).
Completion Date: February 13, 2012
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