Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Ski Helmets : Question and Answer



What is the safest ski helmet?


In terms of safety, you want to make sure that your ski helmet complies with ASTM F2040, which is the American safety certification for snow helmets used in non-motorized sports. Some helmets may also have CE EN1077 certification, which means that they have met the European safety standards for snow helmets. Helmets that have one (or even both) of these certifications will be clearly marked in stores and are considered to be the safest ski helmets for consumers to buy. According to REI, neither certification is considered superior to the other and the biggest difference between them is that the European test includes sharp object intrusion where a pointed metal spike is dropped on the helmet. Another certification you may come across is Snell RS-98. However, most helmet manufacturers will just use the ASTM standard because it is more expensive to get a Snell certification and Snell-certified helmets are generally bulkier and heavier.

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