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Minox APO HG Binoculars

Minox APO HG Binoculars Review


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Best Feature:
High quality design and materials deliver exceptional images
Worst Feature:
Pricey & doesn't have a built-in rangefinder or night vision
Best Uses:
Great binoculars for a lifetime of birding/hunting
$1500 (Full lifetime warranty)

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The APO HG binoculars are engineered by Minox, the German optics maker that specializes in binoculars for hunting and other sports like bird watching, as well as leisure activities like traveling. They have made a name for themselves by reducing their technology to a compact size without sacrificing quality. A step up from the regular HG-Line, the APO HG-Line features an 8x43 and 10x43 with the biggest difference between the two being the magnification. 7x is a popular magnification size amongst consumers because it is balanced well between quality and size. These larger binoculars with higher magnifications make them better for more serious outdoor sports enthusiasts that have a tripod or a steady hand. Both models of these binoculars feature an apochromatic lens design that combines multiple different shaped lenses of different kinds of glass to refocus light that was separated after passing through the prism to deliver a brighter, sharper, and truer color to your eye. Though more expensive than its competition in this category, these may be the last binoculars you ever buy.

Product Report Card Grade

We give Minox’s APO HG binoculars a B+ because they are great, lightweight birding or hunting binoculars featuring a quick-focusing mechanism and an apochromatic lens design that produces crisp, clear images. Despite the full lifetime warranty, we had to deduct points because of the binoculars’ high price tag, especially in light of the fact that they lack certain bonus features for hunting like a built-in rangefinder and night vision capabilities. However, if you can afford them, these are truly top-of-the-line binoculars that Minox guarantees will last a lifetime.

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March 2013
May 2012
March 2013
Full lifetime warranty; powerful optics deliver clear, crisp images; quick-focus mechanism offers faster response time; lightweight and compact; great image and color quality; argon-filled to be waterproof and fog proof; fully multi-coated lenses; 8x43 has a very wide field of view
Powerful, high quality optics; integrated laser rangefinder and ballistic information system; waterproof and fog proof; good performance in low-light conditions; fully multi-coated lenses; wide interpupillary range
25-year no-fault warranty; powerful optics deliver crisp, clear images even in lower light; waterproof and fog proof; detachable and adjustable eyecups are shaped to block light and enhance comfort; features ED glass; fully multi-coated lenses; open bridge design makes them comfortable to hold
Expensive; might not be comfortable for people very close-set eyes
Expensive and warranty doesn't protect against accidents; heavy
Expensive; relatively heavy; some complaints about adjustable rain guard being more difficult to use than a one-size-fits-all model
Full Lifetime Warranty
Limited Lifetime Warranty
25-Year Full Warranty
Best Use
They are great binoculars to use for general outdoor activities like wildlife viewing, hunting, bird watching, etc.
They are ideal for hunting, but they can also be used for other general outdoor activities like nature viewing, bird watching, etc.
They are well suited for general outdoor activities including wildlife viewing, hunting, bird watching, etc.
Binocular Type
Binocular Size
Both magnifications of these binoculars are 6.0" x 5.2" x 2.1" and weigh 22.9 oz.
The binoculars are 6.6" x 5.3" (L x W) and weigh 35.1 oz.
The binoculars are 5.9" x 5.6" (L x W) and weigh 27.9 oz.
8x or 10x
Objective Lens Diameter
43 mm
45 mm
42 mm
Exit Pupil
5.4 mm (8x43) or 4.3 mm (10x43)
4.5 mm
4.2 mm
Twilight Factor
18.5 (8x43) or 20.7 (10x43)
Field of View at 1,000 yds
379 ft (8x43) or 342 ft (10x43)
330 ft
341 ft
Angular Field of View (Real)
7.2° (8x43) or 6.5° (10x43)
Angular Field of View (Apparent)
(not available from customer service)
(not available from customer service)
Close Focusing Distance (ft)
8.2 ft
18.0 ft
9.8 ft
Focus System
They have a central focusing knob designed with Minox's Quick-Close-Focus (QCF) system.
They have a central focusing knob.
They have a central focusing knob that is integrated with the diopter adjustment.
Eye Relief
19.3 mm (8x43) or 16.5 mm (10x43)
18.0 mm
Diopter Adjustment
± 2 dpt (locking)
± 3.5 dpt
± 4 dpt (locking)
Interpupillary Distance
58 - 74 mm
54 - 76 mm
56 - 72 mm
Prism Type
They have a roof prism system with BaK-4 glass.
They have a type of roof prism system known as Abbe-König and feature BaK-4 glass.
They have a roof prism system with BaK-4 glass.
Lens / Coating
Both feature fully multi-coated apochromatic lenses with up to 21 layers on each lens.
They feature fully multi-coated achromatic lenses with Zeiss' T* and LotuTec® coatings.
They feature fully multi-coated ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass lenses designed with Nikon's field-flattener lens system.
Water / Fog Proof
Yes, they are argon-filled and are fog proof and waterproof down to 16.4 ft.
Yes, they are nitrogen-filled and are fog proof and waterproof.
Yes, they are nitrogen-filled and are fog proof and waterproof down to 9.8 ft for 10 minutes (confirmed with customer service).
Yes, they are engineered with an integrated laser rangefinder (class 1) and Ballistic Information System (BIS™) for quick and accurate targeting information. In about 1.5 seconds, they can measure any distance between 10 - 1300 yards with an accuracy of about 0.5%. The rangefinder is powered by a CR 2 (Lithium 3V) battery, which should last for about 10,000 measurements.
They have a lightweight magnesium body that is rubber-armored to enhance durability and shock resistance while also providing a comfortable, secure grip. They are only available in a matte black finish.
They have a lightweight magnesium construction with a rubber armor that provides durability, shock resistance and a comfortable, secure grip. They are only available in a matte black finish.
They have a magnesium-alloy, rubber-armored body that is lightweight, durable, shock-resistant and comfortable to hold. They are only available in a matte black finish.
They have twist-up eyecups with 4 detents.
They have twist-up (and detachable) eyecups with 4 detents.
They have horn-shaped adjustable and detachable eyecups with detents.
Tripod Adaptable
Yes, they are tripod adaptable.
Yes, they are tripod adaptable.
Yes, they are tripod adaptable.
They come in a wooden box with a leather case, neoprene neck strap, eye covers and a lens cleaning set.
They come with a leather carrying case, a neck strap, an eyepiece cap, protective lens covers and an optics cleaning cloth.
They come with a travel case, an adjustable soft touch neck strap and rubberized objective frames.

ProductReportCard Editors' In-Depth Review

Pros And Cons


  • Both models feature a quick-focus mechanism for fast response time.
  • Both models are light and compact but as powerful as larger binoculars for wildlife viewing.
  • Both models are sturdy and durable for outdoor viewing.
  • Both models feature great image and color quality.


  • Neither model is comfortable for people with close-set eyes because of the interpupillary range.
  • Both models are expensive.
  • Neither model has additional features, such as night vision or a built-in rangefinder.

Key Features

Product Design
Both models are encased in a tough but lightweight magnesium alloy with a rubber exterior for a comfortable, no-slip grip. They come with eyepiece and objective lens caps and feature adjustable eyecups for comfortable viewing with our without glasses. They are also tripod adaptable.
At 6.02" x 5.15" x 2.08" (L x W x H) and weighing 22.9 oz, these binoculars are compact for their magnification and objective lens size.
Both models of these binoculars are waterproof down to 16.4 ft and are also fog proof. They are purged with argon gas, which is superior to the more common nitrogen purging to eliminate changes in internal moisture and temperature.
Added Benefits
Both models of these binoculars come with a standard black strap, a cleaning kit comprised of a micro-fiber cloth, a lens pen, and a bottle of anti-fog cleaning fluid, and are packaged in a leather case with a belt loop attachment. They also come with a decorative wooden box for storage.
Both models of the Minox APO HG binoculars come with a lifetime total coverage warranty after registering your purchase, and it protects against manufacturer defects, accidental damage, and functional failures but not cosmetic damage.
  • Magnification: 8x for the 8x43 or 10x for the 10x43 make these binoculars perfect for motion wildlife observation.
  • Objective Lens (mm): 43mm for both models lets in a large amount of light, which is good for low-light viewing.
  • Exit Pupil (mm): 5.334 mm for the 8x43 or 4.318 mm for the 10x43 is large enough to let in light at dusk.
  • Eye Relief (mm): 19.304 mm for the 8x43 or 16.51 mm for the 10x43 makes these models suitable for eyeglass wearers who need their eyecups further apart.
  • Field of View (ft/1000y): 379 ft for the 8x43 or 342 ft for the 10x43 is a wide field of view for their respective sizes.
  • Close Focusing Distance: 8.2 ft for both models means you can get up close and personal to what you're viewing.
  • Diopter: Compensation of plus or minus 2 dpt for both models is standard.
  • Interpupillary Range: 58-75 mm for both models is a bit large for people with close-set eyes.
  • Twilight Factor: At 18.5 for the 8x43 or 20.7 for the 10x43, the binoculars perform well in low light.
  • Prisms: Both models of these binoculars have a roof prism system and utilize BaK-4 prisms, which is standard.
  • Lens Elements: Both models of these binoculars feature multiple aspherical lens elements with SCHOTT fluoride extra-low dispersion glass for enhanced viewing quality.
  • Coating: Both models of these binoculars feature lenses that are fully multi-coated (the high standard in coating) to repel dust, moisture, and dirt. They are also coated for phase correction as well as have a Minobright prism coating.


In comparison with other high-end binoculars, the prices for both models of the Minox APO HG aren't competitive, but reviewers like the additional features and advanced technology that they say make up for the increased cost. David Petzal, a columnist for Field & Stream magazine, picked these as the best binoculars of 2010, but there aren't many online reviews of the Minox APO HG binoculars. The reviewers who have submitted feedback seem to prefer these binoculars for hunting, which is what they are designed for, and find that they have an excellent image quality but lack certain bells and whistles like a built-in rangefinder and night vision capabilities. In general, the online reviews are pretty mixed. On, one reviewer gave the 10x43 a 5/5 while two other reviewers rated them a 2/5 with little reason except some issues with the resolution and depth of field. It seems these reviewers were perhaps being overly critical when giving a numerical score when compared with their written evaluations. On, one customer gave the 8x43 model a 5/5 and alternately says that the field of view and resolution are great. The higher magnification of the 10x43s may be contributing to this disparity. The higher magnification creates less balance and isn't always as sharp without a tripod. Less serious viewers are encouraged to buy a lower magnification such as the 8x43, but these are sure to be a purchase that will last a lifetime.


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