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Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 12 Review

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Best Feature:
Popular design enhanced for comfort & smoother transitions
Worst Feature:
Some people prefer the amount of cushioning in the GTS 11s
Best Uses:
Stability shoe for mild to moderate over-pronators
$110 (30-day satisfaction guarantee)

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The Adrenaline GTS series is Brooks' bestselling running shoe in the maximum support category. As its named indicates, the GTS 12 is the twelfth version of the Adrenaline shoe, and, like its predecessors, it is designed for runners with moderate over-pronation who require a combination of stability and cushioning. Built on a proven design, the GTS 12 is enhanced with additional mesh for breathability, a friction-resistance heel, and a better crash pad for smoother transitions.

It still features the two main stability components in the midsole that made the shoe popular. The first is the iconic Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar® (PDRB®) technology, which has three different densities of foam (with varying degrees of firmness) along the lateral side of the foot. The foam gets gradually harder as you go from the heel of the foot to the arch to prevent the foot from rolling inwards (over-pronating) and helps you achieve a smoother, more natural gait. The second stabilizing technology in the GTS series is DRB Accel. DRB Accel is a shank-like piece of plastic reinforcement through the mid-foot that offers higher stiffness for arch support and less resistance on the lateral side for a smoother gait cycle.

The GTS 12 also still features Brooks' innovative cushioning technology, Brooks DNA, in the heel and in the forefoot. Brooks DNA is described as a high-viscosity, non-Newtonian fluid that adapts to the amount of force placed on your foot to evenly disperse the impact. At a slower pace, it will provide softer support and firm up as you increase your pace. The Brooks DNA works with BioMoGo, the world's first-ever biodegradable midsole to provide the ultimate comfort and performance for a running shoe. Brooks claims that their shoes have 30% more cushioning and twice the energy return of traditional EVA midsoles or standard gel.

Element microfiber in the uppers increases the shoes breathability and keeps feet cool and dry. It also has a synthetic leather overlay, internal support saddle and profile sock liner for additional support and comfort. Finally, the outsole of the GTS 12 is made with an exceptionally durable HPR Plus abrasion-resistant rubber, and has stable pod construction in the forefoot for maximum motion control and flexibility.

You can purchase the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 running shoes for men online for about $110.

Product Report Card Grade

We give Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 12 running shoes an A- because they are an excellent stability shoe for mild to moderate over-pronators who require enhanced cushioning and support. In addition to the exceptional stability and cushioning features that made the previous models popular, the GTS 12s now feature additional mesh for improved breathability, a friction-resistance heel for blister prevention, and a better crash pad for smoother transitions in the gait cycle. While almost all customers have been pleased with the shoes’ performance, we had to deduct a few points because there were some complaints from customers who were disappointed that the GTS 12s didn’t have the same amount of padding as the GTS 11s.

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May 2012
March 2013
April 2013
Lightweight; durable; comfortable with great support and cushioning; mild to moderate pronation well controlled; biodegradable BioMoGo midsole is environmentally friendly
Comfortable; lightweight (even lighter than the original 890s); durable; good stability for a shoe that is advertised as neutral; good responsive cushioning; REVlite is exceptionally resilient and maintains springy feel even after extended use
Lightweight and comfortable; Dynamic Support system provides good stability and control for women with over-pronation issues; Lunarlon provides good responsive cushioning (one reviewer called it more "springy" than the LG3); sleek design with lots of cool off-the-shelf styles and ability to customize; Nike+ ready
Some reviewers preferred previous versions of the shoe
Many complaints about the 890v2's toe box being more narrow/shallow than the original 890s; some complaints regarding discomfort at the top of foot that could be caused by the lacing system or the design of the overlay.
Dynamic Flywire support may be uncomfortable for some users if the cords are putting too much pressure on top of the foot.
Type of Running Shoe
Neutral Cushioning
Price (MSRP)
$110 (or $145 if you customize)
30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee
30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee
2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects and 30-day satisfaction guarantee
Weight (ounces)
11.3 (size 9)
9.2 (size 9)
10 (size 10)
The GTS 12s feature Element mesh and linings, which help to keep the shoes lightweight and breathable. For enhanced comfort and support, the uppers are also designed with a synthetic leather overlay and an adjustable saddle lacing system that is reinforced on the inside.
The 890v2s have lightweight mesh uppers with a welded synthetic overlay, which enhance the shoes' breathability, support and fit. They also have an eyelet lacing system with flat laces and flat lacing holes that provide a snug, comfortable and secure fit.
The LG4s have a single-layer engineered mesh upper for improved breathability. For a secure and supportive fit, the uppers also feature Flywire saddle technology, which is basically a series of cables between the mesh and inner sleeve that are attached to the midsole and lacing system around the midfoot and arch area. Additionally, the uppers have some reflective materials to provide enhanced visibility in low light conditions.
The tongue and collar of the shoe are lined with a soft, comfortable padding, and the heel counter is friction-resistant so you won't get blisters.
The heel and tongue are padded with dual density foam for a secure and comfortable fit.
The tongue and collar are padded for added comfort and to prevent the heel from slipping. There is also a floating heel-support clip in the heel counter to control over-pronation.
Insole/Midsole Technology
For underfoot support and cushioning, the GTS 12s have a Profile Sockliner that is made with a lightweight, biodegradable material called BioMoGo. BioMoGo works together with Brooks DNA technology in the heel and forefoot to provide customized shock absorption and comfort based on a runner's size, foot shape and speed. For stabilization, the GTS 12's midsole also features Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar® (PDRB®) and DRB Accel technology. These technologies support the foot and prevent over-pronation but still allow for independent movement in the heel and forefoot. Lastly, the GTS 12s have a decoupled heel construction, known as Caterpillar Crash Pad technology, so parts of the heel can move independently of each other and smooth out transitions in the gait cycle.
The 890v2s have New Balance's PL-1 Natural Last and a full-length ABZORB® cushioning insert for added comfort. The insert is removable if you want to use custom orthotics or arch support inserts instead. The midsole also features ABZORB® cushioning technology, as well as innovative REVlite technology, which offers exceptional support and responsiveness. In addition to being extremely durable, REVlite is also lightweight and New Balance claims it is 30% lighter than other foams with a comparable performance in underfoot cushioning and stability.
The LG4s have a foam insole that provides lightweight cushioning, but, if you customize your shoes, you can opt for a responsive or cushioned sockliner. The Nike+ Sensor fits underneath the sockliner in the left shoe in all models. The LG4's midsole features the Dynamic Support system, which is made up of Lunarlon and a firmer carrier foam, to provide additional stability, cushioning and comfort during the gait cycle. Lunarlon foam is 30% lighter than traditional Phylon and offers responsive cushioning that exceptionally resilient even after long runs. Unlike previous LunarGlide+ models, the LG4's Lunarlon component is now independent from the firmer carrier foam and much more substantial.
PL-1 Natural
Outsole Technology
The GTS 12's durable rubber outsole is made with HPR Plus, and it has an engineered stable pod construction, which helps to maintain balance in the foot throughout the gait cycle and enhance responsiveness. It also features Flextra rubber in the forefoot, which provides customized flexibility based on the runner's weight.
The 890v2's outsole is designed with Ndurance®, a durable rubber compound, in the heel, and it also has blown rubber around the forefoot that provides additional lightweight comfort and flexibility.
The heel of the LG4's outsole is designed with BRS 1,000 carbon rubber for durability. It also has Nike Natural Motion Engineering flex grooves carved alongside the length of the outsole and across the forefoot. Unlike previous LunarGlide+ models, the flex grooves on the LG4 are deeper, which allow your foot to move naturally and more efficiently.
it is available in 4 different color combinations.
It is available in 7 different color combinations.
It is available in 13 different color combinations.
Customization Ability?
It comes in full and half sizes ranging from 7 to 15 and all are available in a normal width (D). The black/black version also comes in a 2E width and the grey/blue version is also available in B, 2E and 4E widths.
It comes in full and half sizes ranging from 7 to 15 and all styles are available in a normal width (D). The black/white and black/cherry tomato styles also come in a 2E and 4E width.
It comes in full and half sizes ranging from 6 to 15. It is available in a normal width (D), but there are other widths available for customized shoes.
Runs True to Size?
There were some complaints about the sizing being off and Brooks does suggest ordering a half to a full size larger than your typical dress shoe since your feet will swell when you run.
Yes, New Balance says the shoes run true to size for athletic shoes.
Yes, Nike says the LG4 fits true to size for men's athletic shoes

ProductReportCard Editors' In-Depth Review

Pros And Cons


  • Comfortable
  • Great support and cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • PDRB very good for controlling mild to moderate pronation
  • Great return policy
  • Environmentally friendly midsole


  • Some reviewers preferred previous versions of the shoe

Key Features

Manufacturer's Category
Support (good for runners with mild to moderate over-pronation)
Arch Type
The GTS 12 is built on a "Universal Platform" and is best for runners with normal arches.
The weight of the shoe will vary depending on which size you need, but a men's size 9 will weigh about 11.3 ounces.
  • Element Mesh keeps the shoe lightweight and boosts its breathability. Element Linings also improve its breathability, as well as wick moisture away from the interior of the shoe to keep feet cool and dry.
  • A synthetic leather overlay helps provide additional support.
  • It has an adjustable saddle lacing system with four stretchable eyelets for a more custom fit. The saddle construction is also reinforced on the inside, providing enhanced comfort and support.
  • Tongue and collar are padded for added comfort, and it has a soft heel counter that reduces friction and helps prevent blisters.
Insole Technology
  • It has a Profile Sockliner that is made of BioMoGo for additional underfoot support and comfort. BioMoGo is a lightweight material that provides cushioning for shock absorption and is contoured for a customized fit.
  • The GTS 12 has a combination last.
Midsole Technology
  • The GTS 12 has Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB®) technology, which is great for controlling moderate over-pronation. The PDRB® is a triple density midsole that is softer at the heel and then gets gradually firmer towards the medial aspect of the foot.
  • DRB® Accel technology also helps control over-pronation with a thermoplastic device in the midfoot that stabilizes it while still allowing the heel and forefoot to act independently.
  • For cushioning, the GTS 12 has Brooks DNA in the heel and in the forefoot. It works with BioMoGo to adjust to each runner's size, foot shape and speed to deliver customized shock absorption and comfort.
  • Brooks' eco-friendly BioMoGo midsole stretches from heel to toe. Whereas traditional EVA midsoles could take over a thousand years to break down in a landfill, the BioMoGo compound has a non-toxic, natural additive helps it break down 50 times faster once it hits the landfill. It was the world's first-ever biodegradable midsole for running shoes and won Runner's World International "Best Innovation" Award in 2006. Brooks has since made the technology an open source for anyone who wants to use it.
  • Caterpillar Crash Pad technology in the heel allows for smoother transitions in the gait cycle. Basically it is just a decoupled heel that allows for independent movement.
Outsole Technology
  • To resist wear and tear, the outsole is made with a durable rubber compound called HPR Plus.
  • The outsole also has an engineered stable pod construction that keeps the foot more balanced throughout the gait cycle and more responsive.
  • The forefoot has Flextra rubber that provides customized flexibility based on the runner's weight and gender.
The GTS 12 comes in 4 different color combinations including black with black detailing, grey with blue detailing, grey with lime green detailing and black with yellow detailing. There is also a limited-edition shoe in grey with red and blue detailing that was made for the 2012 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder's Meeting. It has a cartoon of Warren Buffett on the insole.
The GTS 12 comes in half sizes ranging from 7 to 15 and all are available in a normal width (D). The black/black version also comes in a 2E width and the grey/blue version is also available in B, 2E and 4E widths. Brooks recommends ordering running shoes a ½ size to a full size larger than your normal dress shoes since feet swell when you run. However, if possible, you should visit a local running specialty store to get a proper fitting. If you aren't able to get fitted in person, Brooks also offers an online tool called Shoefitr. Shoefitr will evaluate the brand and model of your old running shoes and suggest a similar, but superior, Brooks' shoe that will be the same size.
Brooks products have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and they will replace or exchange your shoes free of charge, no questions asked.


Like earlier Adrenaline GTS models, the GTS 12 has received excellent reviews online from customers, including a 4.5/5 on (78 reviews) and a 5/5 from 86% of reviewers on (140 reviews). If you love running but have sore back or knees due to the strain caused by over-pronation, these could be excellent shoes for you. A couple of reviewers preferred the amount of padding in the GTS 11s over the 12s, but, for the most part, everyone was happy with the shoes' performance. While Brooks has an excellent online fit system, you are probably better off getting fitted by a professional at a running specialty store before purchasing running shoes to ensure that you are get the right style shoe for your foot.


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