Sunday, June 23, 2024

Kitchen Faucets : Question and Answer



What is the best kitchen faucet?


The best kitchen faucet for your household will depend on your budget, the size/depth of your sink, your sink's faucet holes, your desired functionality (i.e. sprayers, flow rates), and your style preferences. In terms of performance, most experts feel that there isn't much of a different between moderately priced faucets and expensive ones, so you don't necessary need to spend a fortune. We do suggest looking for a faucet with a lifetime limited guarantee, high quality valves and a durable, spot/smudge-resistant finish. For convenience, we personally prefer high arching or gooseneck models with a single handle on top of a swing spout (at least 180 of rotation). We also prefer faucets that have a pullout or pulldown sprayhead with the functionality to pause or adjust the water flow between spray and aerated flow. If you would learn more about some the best faucets on the market that PRC has reviewed and ranked, please click here.

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