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Binoculars : Question and Answer



What are the best binoculars?


Different binoculars are designed for different activities. If you just plan on using the binoculars for general leisure activities (ex. nature walks, concert viewing), you probably won't need a magnification higher than 7x or an objective lens larger than 20mm. For activities like bird watching, you might want binoculars that have a magnification between 7x and 10x and at least a 20mm objective lens or more. Hunters typically prefer a magnification between 8x – 10x and an objective lens that is between 40 – 50mm for better visibility in low light conditions. Binoculars with a magnification above 10x will require a tripod during use, so they aren't as portable as binoculars lower magnifications. If you wear eyeglasses, you just want to make sure that the binoculars have at least 15mm of eye relief to avoid eye strain. Leading binocular manufacturers include Vortex, Swarovski, Minox, Zeiss, Bushnell, Nikon and Pentax among others. If you would like to learn more about some of the best binoculars on the market that has reviewed and ranked, please click here.

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