Sunday, April 18, 2021

Body Lotion: Compare

Report Card Grade
Product Grade
Product Grade
Product Grade
inexpensive; fragrance-free and noncomedogenic; super absorbent and non greasy; controlled release keeps skin hydrated for longer
long lasting moisturizer, so you won't need to apply it every day; pleasant fragrance
inexpensive; non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly into your skin; fragrance-free version good for sensitive skin
doesn't contain sunscreen; doesn't contain antioxidants
expensive and not necessarily better than drugstore brands; jar packaging exposes the lotion to the air which can cause ingredients (esp. antioxidants) to break down, so you are better off buying the tube; fragrance may irritate sensitive skin
formula hasn't been changed in years; doesn't contain antioxidants; tested on animals; doesn't include sunscreen if you are wearing it during the day
Active Ingredients
Ceramides, glycerin, cholesterol and hyaluronic acid
The Miracle Brothâ„¢ contains nutrient-rich algae (with hyaluronic acid) and antioxidant extracts.
Vitamin B5 and other essential moisturizers (ex. glycerin)
Skin Type
Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, Sensitive
Normal, Dry, Combination
Normal, Dry, Combination
$150 - $220
$4.79 - $8.49
12 ounces
6.7-ounce tube or 10-ounce jar
6 or 16 ounces
No, but there is a fragrance-free version available)
Product Grade
Product Grade
Product Grade