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Robot Coupe R2N
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Best Feature:
2-in-1 machine can mix/chop and continuously process veggies
Worst Feature:
Feeder tube isn't very big and only comes with 3 attachments
Best Uses:
Great basic machine for small commercial kitchens

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The Robot-Coupe's R2N Combination Food Processor is an incredibly efficient and popular basic food processor that is perfect for a small commercial kitchen or even for a serious home cook. It is incredibly versatile and has a cutter bowl for vertical mixing/chopping, a vegetable prep attachment with an external ejection chute, and 26 different blade/disc attachments. In terms of drawbacks, we were disappointed with the number of attachments actually included with your purchase and with the size of the feeder tubes. Only three attachments come with the machine and the rest are sold separately (~$70 per attachment). Additionally, the vegetable prep attachment isn't big enough to accommodate larger/wider food items (ex. Russet potatoes) without some trimming.


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Date Reviewed
January 2016
January 2016
January 2016
great performance and great versatility; relatively affordable for a basic commercial food processor; the longest motor warranty of any commercial food processor; convenience of external ejection chute on vegetable prep attachment
excellent performance; 25-year warranty; 8 attachments; blade storage; wide feeder tube; large and small work bowls; timer; good customer service
excellent performance; quiet; two work bowls; great warranty; wide feeder tube; blade storage; good capacity; efficient; versitile
motor is only powerful enough for smaller establishments where it will be used just a few hours a day; it only comes with 3 blade/disc attachments and 1 cutter bowl (other accessories are sold separately and can be pricey); no blade storage included with your purchase; can't see ingredients through the cutter bowl
expensive; heavy base; difficult to clean; poor emulsifying capability
expensive; poor performance with whipping; difficult to clean; no cord storage; heavy
Functionality (30%)
Processing Quality (30%)
Ease of Set Up & Clean Up (30%)
Storage Options (10%)
Capacity (cups)
16 and 2.5
16-cup and 4.5
Liquid Capacity (cups)
3-year motor warranty; 1-year limited warranty on unit
25-year motor warranty; 1-year limited warranty on unit
20-year motor warranty; 3-year limited warranty on unit
Product Depth
Product Height
Product Width
Motor Power (watts)
1 HP
Base Weight (our measurement)
33 lbs
15.4 lbs
15 lbs
Control Panel
Speed Settings
On, Off, Pulse
Continuous and Pulse
On, Off, Dough, or Pulse
3 attachments: 'S' blade, 4 mm slicing disc and 2mm shredding disc
8 attachments: 2 'S' blades, dough blade, adjustable slicing disc, reversible shredding disc, julienne disc, French fry disc, and whisking/emulsifying disc
5 attachments: 2 'S' blades, dough blade, adjustable slicing disc, reversible shredding disc
Large Tube
6" x 2.75"
5.75" x 3"
5.75" x 3"
Small Tubes
2.25" circular
2" circular
3" x 2"
Cord Storage
BPA-Free Plastic

Product Background

The Robot-Coupe R2N is a multipurpose commercial-grade food processor that combines two of Robot-Coupe's machines - the Vertical Cutter-Mixer and the Vegetable Prep. It is the standard model in the R2N series, and it is exactly the same as the other two models in the series with the exception of the cutter bowl, which is grey plastic on the standard model, clear plastic on the R2N CLR and stainless steel on the R2N Ultra. All the R2N models have a 1 HP, direct-drive and fan-cooled motor with blade speeds that reach 1725 revolutions (i.e. rotations) per minute. Robot-Coupe claims you will be able to prepare the equivalent of 850 servings in three hours or less.

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The Robot-Coupe R2N features a 3-quart (12-cup) grey plastic cutter bowl with a clear lid for chopping, mincing, mixing, pureeing, and kneading. For vegetable prep, there is a separate attachment with an outer ejection chute that allows you to continuously slice, grate, and julienne ingredients into another mixing bowl. The vegetable prep attachment has a large, kidney-shaped feeder tube for processing bigger vegetables (e.g. cucumbers) and a smaller, round feeder tube for narrow vegetables (e.g. celery). The R2N comes equipped with 3 blade/disc attachments, including a stainless steel universal 'S' blade for use with the cutter bowl and a 4mm slicing disc and 2mm grating disc for use with the vegetable prep attachment. However, there are 23 additional attachments that you can purchase separately if you would like more versatility. The R2N offers two processing speeds, continuous or pulse, and has a smooth touch pad control system that is easy to wipe clean.

Processing Quality

The Robot-Coupe RN2 lives up to its reputation for being a powerful, efficient machine. We really like the continuous feed and the variety of attachments. It makes fast work of any and all processing jobs, but it might not be as appropriate for more delicate tasks like mincing herbs.

Ease of Set Up and Clean Up

The Robot-Coupe RN2 is not rated for use in a commercial dishwasher, and, although it is rated to be home dishwasher safe, we recommend that you clean the unit by hand. The work bowl and minimal attachments make it easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean.

Storage Options

The R2N's base is red and grey, and it has a boxy, industrial look. It is not meant for a home kitchen, so storage should not be a major hassle in a commercial setting. It does not come with blade storage, but you can purchase a freestanding 8-disc rack for $13. It also doesn't have a retractable cord.

Best Uses

The Robot-Coupe is intended for commercial use, so the best part of this unit is that it can process large amounts of food quickly. It has a significant capacity and a variety of attachments. It also features a continuous feed option that allows large quantities of ingredients to be processed quickly. This work horse is intended to function for hours at a time.


For just over $1,000, this is one of the most affordable commercial grade food processors on the market today. In addition to offering the standard 1-year warranty on parts and labor, Robot-Coupe also offers a 3-year warranty on the R2N's motor, which is the longest motor warranty available for a commercial food processor.


Robot-Coupe has a reputation for manufacturing quality equipment. This is one of Robot-Coupe's most popular, basic models because of its impressive performance, versatility, and relative affordability when compared to other commercial food processors. The R2N is best suited for smaller restaurants, catering businesses, or personal chefs given its 1HP motor. However, it could also be an excellent investment for the serious home cook with a big family. It has the longest motor warranty of any commercial food processor on the market, which underscores Robot-Coupe's confidence in the longevity and quality of their product.

The main negative is that you only get three blade/disc attachments with your purchase and have to buy the rest separately, which can significantly drive up the cost of the machine. Additionally, while the vegetable prep attachment is great for processing smaller, narrower food items (like cucumbers, zucchinis, carrots, etc.), the feeder tubes aren't really large enough to accommodate bigger/wider food items (like potatoes or turnips) without some trimming. With that said, Robot-Coupe does sell other vegetable prep attachments with larger feeder tubes that you can purchase separately. The R2N is a high-performing and durable basic machine that can be as versatile as you want it to be. By all accounts, it is a must-have workhorse for any professional chef or serious home cook.


Breville Sous Chef

- $400

- 16-cup dry capacity

- 1200-watt motor

- 25-year motor warranty

Cuisinart Elite Collection 2.0 16 Cup

- $300

- 16-cup dry capacity

- 1300-watt motor

- 20-year motor warranty

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