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How We Test the Best Kitchen Faucets

August 2014

How We Test

After researching leading kitchen faucets on the market, we conducted in-depth reviews on some of the best models to see how they compared against one another. Using a 100-point scale, we evaluated each kitchen faucet based on the quality and durability of their construction (25 points), how their design/style impacts functionality (25 points), any bonus features they have (30 points), and the overall feedback they’ve received from customers online (20 points). For more details on our methodology and how each kitchen faucet performed, we encourage you to read our Kitchen Faucet Overview.

Although some may argue that parts of the scoring system we use is subjective, we made every effort to be as neutral as possible when putting together the list of attributes and how they would be weighted in the scoring process. We purposely excluded items we felt may vary depending on personal preference (ex. price, size, spout shape, etc.) and focused rather on overall functionality and durability. In any case, we strongly believe that judging all faucets against a set formula is the most objective way to conduct a side-by-side comparison of each model. After you have read our Kitchen Faucet Overview, we also highly recommend reading our Kitchen Faucets Buying Guide to learn more about finding the best faucet for your home.