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Date Reviewed
January 2013
December 2012
Superior temperature performance; high-quality design built to last for 20 years; highly adjustable storage design; air purification system; built-in water filter; bulk ice making feature; humidity- and temperature-controlled drawers; open door alert; can be used in a standard installation or in a flush inset installation; Star-K certified with a "Sabbath" mode
ENERGY STAR® qualified; maintains optimal internal conditions; has external digital temperature controls with child lock; quiet; space-saving icemaker design; built-in water filter; external water and ice dispenser; bonus storage (ex. egg container, wine rack and can holder); open door alert; available in multiple finishes; LED Tower Lighting
Very expensive; useable freezer capacity is relatively limited; no gallon-size door bin; energy efficient but not ENERGY STAR® compliant
Some complaints about the icemaker not working properly; some reported quality issues with the handles (loosening and/or falling off); door bins aren't adjustable; some complaints about small drawers that didn't open fully; doesn't have built-in air filter; doesn't have temperature-controlled drawer
Refrigeration System (25%)
Storage Capabilities (20%)
Extra Features (25%)
Exterior Style/Functionality (10%)
Brand Reputation/Reliability (10%)
Customer Feedback (10%)
French Door (pull-out freezer drawer)
Total Capacity (cu. ft.)
Price (MSRP)
$8,575 - $10,060
$2349 - $2399
2-year full warranty on parts & labor for the entire unit; 5-year full warranty on parts & labor for the sealed refrigeration system; 12-year limited warranty on just parts for the sealed refrigeration system.
1-year limited warranty on parts & labor for the entire unit; 5-year limited warranty on parts & labor for the sealed refrigeration system
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)
36" x 84" x 24"
35.88" x 70" x 29" (taken from instruction manual)
Depth with Door Open at 90°
43.38" (note: the freezer drawer fully open will exceed that depth at 47.5")
Width with Door Open at 90°
529 pounds
254 pounds
ENERGY STAR® Qualified
It uses 571 kWh/year. Sub-Zero estimates that it could cost about $61 a year to run.
It uses 560 kWh/year. Samsung estimates that it could cost about $60 a year to run.
Cooling Technology
High-tech dual refrigeration system with electronic microprocessor monitors/controls temperature and humidity levels in the fridge and freezer separately. The system is able to keep temperatures within 1 degree of your preset temperature.
Twin Cooling Plus™ technology (single compressor / dual evaporator) offers precise monitoring and control over humidity and temperature levels in each compartment. There are also 5 temperature sensors and multiple vents to ensure that cold, fresh air is always circulating evenly throughout each compartment.
Auto-Defrost (Frost-Free)
Temperature Controls
A digital control panel at the top of the fridge allows for precise temperature adjustments in the fridge and in the freezer.
An external digital control panel (with a child lock) allows for precise temperature adjustments in the fridge or the freezer. Panel also has "Power Cool" and "Power Freeze" button that will quickly drop the internal temperature in the fridge or freezer.
Built-In Air Filter
Yes, it has a built-in air purification system that reduces airborne bacteria, odors and even ethylene gas.
Fresh Food Capacity (cu. ft.)
Shelf Material
Tempered glass
Tempered glass
Spill-Proof Edges
4 full-width shelves (3 adjustable and 1 stationary)
4 adjustable shelves including 1 that is also retractable
Total # of Drawers
Humidity-Controlled Drawer (Crisper)
1 (full-width)
Temperature-Controlled Meat/Deli Drawer
1 (full-width)
Door Bins
8 door bins including 4 adjustable bins, 2 stationary bins and 2 adjustable dairy bins (magnetically sealed)
5 stationary door bins including 1 gallon-size bin and 1 dairy bin
Additional Storage
Egg container, optional wine rack and foldable can holder
Freezer Capacity (cu. ft.)
Freezer Storage
2 pull-out wire drawers that are divided into separate compartments
4 shelves, 2 drawers and 3 stationary door bins
Yes, it has a factory-installed automatic icemaker in the freezer.
Yes, it has a factory-installed automatic icemaker that is built into the freezer door. The ice bucket is clear, so you can easily check ice levels when necessary.
Bulk Ice-Making Capabilities
Yes, in "MAX ICE" mode, ice production increases by 40% for a 24-hour period.
Built-in Water Filter
External Water/Ice Dispenser
Yes, it has an external water and crushed/cubed ice dispenser on the freezer door.
40W appliance light bulbs in the fridge and the freezer
LED Tower Lighting systems in the fridge and freezer
Open Door Alert
Yes, after 1 minute (optional)
Yes, after 2 minutes
Product Design
It is available in Stainless Steel or Overlay (with custom panels). It has flat, smooth doors, and you can choose between 3 handle styles including Pro, Tubular or Framed.
It is available in 4 different finishes including Black (RSG257AABP/XAA), White (RSG257AAWP/XAA), Stainless Steel (RSG257AARS/XAA) and Stainless Platinum (RSG257AAPN/XAA). It has flat, smooth doors with concealed hinges and a concealed grill at the bottom.
Product Grade
Product Grade