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Running Shoes : Question and Answer



What is the best men's running shoe?


The best running shoe for you will first depend on your foot size, arch type and pronation level. It will also depend on your running style and how you intend to use the shoe (ex. trail or road running, long distance, sprinting, etc.). If you have normal arches and pronate properly or if you have high arches and under-pronate, you should look for running shoes with "neutral cushioning" (ex. New Balance 890v2 or Minimus Zero). Since these shoes offer less stability, they actually encourage natural pronation in your foot while still providing enough cushioning for shock absorption to help prevent injury. If you have normal arches and pronate properly or if you have normal to slightly low arches and moderately over-pronate, you should look for "stability" running shoes (ex. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 or Nike LunarGlide+ 4). Stability shoes help to smooth out transitions in your gait cycle by providing a balanced combination of support, cushioning and flexibility. If you have low arches or severely over-pronate, you should look for "motion control" running shoes (ex. Brooks Beast). Although motion control shoes are generally heavier, they will provide you with sufficient support and cushioning to help prevent injury. If you like to run long distances and/or on hard surfaces, you will probably want shoes with more cushioning for shock absorption. Lightweight or minimalist shoes will have less cushioning and are great for speed work or running on softer surfaces. Some of the best running shoe manufacturers include Brooks, Nike, Saucony, New Balance, Mizuno, Adidas, Asics, etc. In general, we tend to favor Brooks running shoes because we like that Brooks' R&D is focused solely on running gear. Since yours truly has normal arches and mild over-pronation in my gait, my absolute favorite running shoe is the Adrenaline GTS. I've owned the GTS 11 and 12 and will soon be the proud owner of the GTS 13. If you would like to read more about some of the best running shoes that has reviewed, please click here.

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