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Shred Django Audio Helmet

Shred Django Audio Helmet Review

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Best Feature:
Offers great protection, ventilation and comfort
Worst Feature:
Pricey and only comes in medium (54-58cm) or large (60-64cm)
Best Uses:
Excellent protection for serious boarders & skiers
$169 (1-year limited warranty)

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Already a popular brand name on the racing circuit, Shred doesn't seem to be as well known among mainstream skiers and boarders. The Django is a lightweight, high performance snow helmet that can actually be used year round. It incorporates the Shred Soft Fit System, which uses Velcro to adjust the helmet to your head for the most comfortable fit. Its SHREDry liner is designed to keep you dry and regulate your body temperature based on the weather around you. The SHREDVent system also works to keep your head cool and your goggles fog-free with 6 adjustable sliding vents. With an awesome built-in audio system, you'll be cruising down the mountain in one of the safest, coolest helmets around.

Shred Django is available on for $169.

Product Report Card Grade

We give the SHRED Django helmet an A- because it is an excellent, high-performance helmet for skiing or boarding in style. It is so lightweight and comfortable that you’d almost forget you were wearing it – unless, of course, you are plugged in to its built-in audio system. The Django helmet also features a specially designed wick-dry liner and an amazing adjustable ventilation system, so you can stay dry and have better control over the helmet’s internal temperature. We had to deduct a few points because it is more expensive than typical helmets and because it is only available in two sizes.

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January 2012
January 2012
January 2012
Excellent protection; adjustable ventilation; audio system included; SHREDry lining; goggle fog reduction
Lightweight and comfortable fit; great protection; great peripheral vision; goggle fog reduction; multiple colors; lifetime warranty; built-in audio kit available
Great protection; affordable; pony-tail compatible; built-in audio kit available; faux fur lining is cozy and removable for easy cleaning; cute, customizable design
Expensive with short warranty; limited information online; limited sizes available
Some customers reported issues with goggle lock; some customers felt the helmet lacked insulation; can't adjust vents (have to be fully opened or closed)
" Can't adjust ventilation "
Price (MSRP)
1-year limited warranty
Limited lifetime warranty
2-year limited warranty
Medium (54-58cm) / Large (60-64cm)
XSmall (52-54cm) / Small (54-56cm) / Medium (56-58cm) / Large (58-60cm) / XLarge (60-62cm)
XXSmall (53-54cm) / XSmall (54-55cm) / Small (55-56cm) / Medium (57-58cm) / Large (58-59cm)
11.5 oz (330 g)
17.63 oz (500 g )
Half shell with lightweight in-mold polycarbonate construction and an impact-absorbing foam liner
Half shell with lightweight in-mold polyurethane construction and EPS liner
Half shell design with injected ABS and high impact EPS liner
Features a SHREDry liner, which is a breathable material that controls temperature, odor and static.
Beanie convertible lining that is removable for easy cleaning
Features the SHREDVent system (6 adjustable air vents) to offer temperature control and reduce goggle fogging.
Features AirEvac 2 Ventilation technology to offer temperature control and to reduce goggle fogging. The system is made up of 9 total vents in the shell with removable waterproof vent plugs.
Creates airflow through the helmet using 8 small vents.
Yes, it has padded earflaps.
Yes, it has cozy Snapfit SL Ear Pads that are removable for easy cleaning.
Yes, it has faux fur earflaps that are removable for easy cleaning.
Goggle Lock
Yes, it has an interchangeable goggle lock.
Yes, it has a removable goggle lock.
Yes, it has a goggle lock.
Yes, it features Shred's Soft Fit System, which is a device that uses Velcro to fit the helmet to your head size.
Not adjustable
The convertible liner can be adjusted slightly for beanies and ponytails.
Audio Capabilities
Yes, it has the Shred Audio System, which includes standard audio jack and adjustable volume control.
Optional - Skullcandy Bluetooth and Twin-Tip Link Phone/Audio Systems Available are sold separately.
Optional - Wired, removable ear pad head phones with great sound are sold separately
Product Design
It has an edgy, racer-inspired design and is available in green, black or white.
It comes in multiple colors/styles (typically available in a solid color with a small logo on the side).
It is available in solid colors with a matte finish, and you can customize it with badges.
CE EN1077 and ASTMF2040
ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 CLASS B
CE-EN1077 and ASTM F-2040

ProductReportCard Editors' In-Depth Review

Pros And Cons


  • Can control ventilation
  • Audio system included
  • Great protection
  • SHREDry lining
  • Goggle fog reduction


  • More expensive
  • Not much information online

Key Features

2 sizes available
  • Medium (54-58cm) / Large (60-64cm)
Half shell, lightweight in-molded construction with SHREDry liner. SHREDry is a breathable material that controls temperature, odor and static.
Product Design
Edgy, racer-inspired design in green, black or white
SHREDVent uses a system of 6 adjustable air vents to control temperature and reduce goggle fogging
Interchangeable buckle to secure goggle strap to helmet
Shred's Soft Fit System is a device that uses Velcro to fit helmet to your head size
Audio Capabilities
Shred Audio System includes standard audio jack and adjustable volume control
CE EN1077 and ASTMF2040
1 year


I wasn't able to find any customers reviews on the Django online. That said, I personally have two guy friends who wear this helmet and absolutely love it.


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