Monday, July 15, 2019

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Hilleberg Akto
NEMO Losi 3p
Terra Nova Ultra Quasar

Report Card Grade
Product Grade
Product Grade
Product Grade
extremely lightweight; quick/easy to set up; offers great stability and protection in inclement weather; spacious interior and vestibule; Kerlon 1200 fabric is extremely durable (4-5x stronger than most so-called "expedition grade" tent materials)
one of the most spacious 3-person tents on the market; good ceiling height and storage space for its category; easy to set up with DAC® Jake's Feet system; good ventilation; good weather/water resistance; multi-pocket organizer panel is a step up from just normal tent pockets; reflective guy lines for nighttime visibility; NEMO Equipment, Inc. makes a huge effort to be a green company
exceptionally lightweight 2-person tent; stable, "bombproof" design that performs extremely well even in severe weather conditions; features improved ventilation system compared to other tents in the Quasar series
expensive; not freestanding; some issues with condensation inside the tent
relatively expensive; it's on the heavier side for tents in this category; some reviewers thought it was really difficult to get the poles to release during takedown
very expensive; inner first pitching could be problematic in wet conditions
4-season (but not designed for use in extreme weather or above the tree line)
Ideal Activities
$381.95 -$449.95
Varies by region/country
Limited lifetime warranty
Limited lifetime warranty
Interior and/or Vestibule Space
It has an 18.3 ft² sleeping room and an 8.6 ft² vestibule.
It has a 50 ft² sleeping room and two 12 ft² vestibules.
It has a 32 ft² sleeping room and two 10.8 ft² vestibules.
Interior Height (max.)
3' 5"
3 lbs and 8 oz
6 lbs and 13 oz
6 lbs and 5 oz
Design Type
Stake down, tunnel style tent
Freestanding, dome style tent
Freestanding, geodesic style tent
Single 9 mm DAC Featherlite NSL pole (small fiberglass rods in the bottom corners of the outer tent provide extra height around your head when lying down)
Four DAC 9/9.6 mm Featherlite Aluminum Poles
Four 8.84 mm DAC Featherlite poles
Tent Body Materials
Highly breathable fabric that has a durable, water-repellent finish.
30D nylon rip-stop with 1500 mm waterproof polyurethane coating
Nylon rip-stop with 7000 mm waterproof polyurethane coating
Rainfly Material
Kerlon 1200 (nylon fabric that has three coatings of silicone on both the inner and outer surface)
30D nylon rip-stop with 1500 mm waterproof polyurethane coating
SilNylon rip-stop with 6000 mm waterproof polyurethane coating
Floor Material/Design
Kerlon 1200 (one-piece bathtub style design)
30D nylon rip-stop with 5000 mm waterproof polyurethane coating (one-piece bathtub style design)
Nylon rip-stop with 7000 mm waterproof polyurethane coating (one-piece bathtub style design)
Mesh Material
No-see-um mesh
Lightweight no-see-um mesh
Unknown Mesh
The tent has a mesh panel on the door, a triangular mesh window on the opposite wall and two opposing vents on the other walls. All are fully adjustable and make it easy to regulate internal moisture and temperature.
Fly can be opened on both ends for cross ventilation. In warm, dry conditions, you can remove the outer fly and just use the mesh inner tent.
Features mesh doors that allow for adjusting ventilation when necessary.
1 door
2 doors (protected by vestibules)
2 doors (protected by vestibules)
Packed Dimensions
22.83" x 6.69" dia.
22" x 6.5" dia.
21.26" x 7.09" dia.
Tent has one 8.6 ft² vestibule and also features an interior storage pocket.
Tent is designed with two 12 ft² vestibules and it also has a multi-pocket organizer panel ("Gear Caddy"). A Gear Loft is available and sold separately ($25).
In addition to the two 10.8 ft² vestibules in the front and rear of the tent, it is also designed with interior storage pockets.
Set Up
With its single-pole tunnel design and linked inner and outer tents, a solo traveler can easily pitch the Akto in 2-3 minutes. It comes with 10 stakes total but only requires 4 stakes for each of the guylines to pitch it. You can use the other 6 stakes if you want additional stability.
One person can quickly and easily set up the tent in under 10 minutes because it features the DAC® Jake's Feet corner anchor system. Basically, it uses ball and socket attachments that lock in the main poles and then act as levers to keep the tent corners grounded while the rainfly is pulled over the top of the tent. DAC® J-Stakes are also available if extra stability is required in windy conditions.
It does not have a fast pitch option, but it can be easily set up in about 15 minutes since it has color-coded poles and continuous pole sleeves on the four poles. The inner tent must be pitched first, and then the flysheet and enhanced guy line system with titanium pegs help secure it to the ground.
Tent features the LightPocket™, which holds your headlamp and has a diffusing fabric to provide even lighting in the tent.
This is an updated version of the popular tent and features a redesigned inner tent that is lighter and better ventilated.
Product Grade
Product Grade
Product Grade