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Tents : Question and Answer



What are the best tents?


The best camping tent will depend on a few different factors, but basically you just need to consider how you plan on using the tent and in what types of weather conditions. For car/family camping, you'll want to look for a 2- or 3-season tent that has enough room to fit your campers and their gear. An example of one of our favorite car/family camping tents is the spacious Eureka Copper Canyon 5 + Screen Room. It is made with durable, waterproof fabrics and has an adjustable ventilation system featuring no-see-um mesh. It also has multiple doors, which is an especially nice feature to have when camping with other people so you can get in and out of the tent without disturbing anyone. For backpacking or mountaineering, you need to make a compromise between size and trail weight, particularly if you need a mobile campsite. The tent's durability, waterproofing and ventilation will also become even more important depending on the weather conditions that you will be facing. If you plan on backpacking year-round, the Hilleberg Akto is one of our favorite tents, but, if you need a tent that can withstand extreme weather above the tree line, we would suggest the Terra Nova Ultra Quasar. For backpacking trips in nicer weather, we also like the Nemo Losi 2P and 3P, which are both lightweight and spacious, but offer excellent protection against the elements. If you would like to learn more about some of the best tents on the market that has reviewed and ranked, please click here.

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