Monday, May 20, 2024

Knife Sharpeners : Question and Answer



Is it better to use a manual or electric knife sharpener?


Generally, you can accomplish the same degree of sharpness with a manual or an electric knife sharpener; it just depends on how much time, money and expertise you want to commit to achieve the desired result. Manual knife sharpeners are much less expensive than electric ones, but they don't remove as much material per pass as their counterparts do, so it takes them considerably longer to remove notches and restore a nicked or damaged knife. In addition to being faster-acting, electric knife sharpeners all have knife guides that help safely maintain the correct sharpening angle and don't require the user to have any sharpening expertise like some manual models do. Besides price, a drawback of the electric knife sharpener is that it is typically much larger than a manual sharpener, and therefore it is not as convenient to store in smaller kitchens.

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