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Dishwashers: Compare

Report Card Grade
Product Grade
Product Grade
Product Grade
Relatively quiet; ENERGY STAR® certified; good cleaning performance; child lock; well-respected brand
ENERGY STAR® certified; excellent cleaning/drying performance; relatively quiet; sleek, attractive design; custom panel option; extremely flexible rack design that can fit up to 16 place settings; automatic water-softening system; well-respected brand; very flexible "delayed start" options
Relatively affordable; ENERGY STAR® certified; exceptionally quiet operation; good cleaning performance; adjustable dishrack system; attractive, modern design; concealed control panel with child lock
Some complaints about dry cycle; complaints about lower rack falling off hinges and being poorly designed; stainless steel finish not smudge-proof
Expensive; filter requires regular manual cleaning; very short limited warranty (1-year)
Many complaints about manufacturing quality, the dishwasher being repair-prone, soap dispenser door not opening properly and the lower rack falling off its tracks easily; manual filter needs regular cleaning; some complaints about the bottom of the silverware basket wearing out; uncovered heating element; a few reports that the dishwasher isn't flush with 24" cabinetry
Standard Built-In (24" wide)
Standard Built-In (24" wide)
Standard Built-In (24" wide)
Capacity (place settings)
Price (MSRP)
$535 - $739
$1699 - $1899
$575 - $750
1-year limited warranty on parts & labor for the entire unit and a 10-year limited warranty on parts for certain components including the racks, stainless steel tub, and chopper (+ 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee)
1-year limited warranty (+ 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee)
1-year limited warranty
Overall Width x Depth x Height (Range)
23.75" x 24.63" x 33.5"
23.56" x 22.44" x 33.73" - 36.35"
24" x 25" x 34" - 35"
Depth with Door Open at 90°
Weight (est.)
90.8 lbs
120 lbs
78 lbs
Cleaning Technology
It has a dual filtration system, 2 spray arms and a 5-level wash system.
It is designed with 3 spray arms and a triple filtration system.
It has a 5-level direct wash system, 2 stainless steel spray arms and a dual stainless steel filtration system.
Wash Cycles / Options
It has 5 cycles including "Power Scrub", "Normal", "Delicate", "Quick" and "Upper Only". It also has 3 options including "Sanitary", "Extra Rinse" and "Extra Dry".
It has 5 wash cycles - "Pots & Pans", "Normal", "China & Crystal", "SaniWash" and "Rinse & Hold". It also has 2 options - "Turbo Mode" (reduces the cycle time by 30%) and "Intensive Mode" (heavy wash on lower rack, gentle wash on upper rack).
It has 6 wash cycles - "PowerPlus®", "Normal", "Light", "Energy Saver", "China Crystal" and "Rinse Only". It also has 2 options - "Sanitize" and "Hi-Temp Wash".
Dry Cycles
It only features an air dry option.
It features Miele's SensorDry technology, which automatically adjusts drying time based on internal humidity and temperature conditions. It also has a CleanAir™ Drying System, which prevents outside air from contaminating dishes. Lastly, it is designed with AutoOpen™ that automatically opens the door at the end of the cycle.
"Heated Dry" is the default, but you also have an "Air Dry" option that is more energy efficient and won't damage delicate plastic items.
Cycle Times (est.)
A normal cycle should run around 141 minutes.
Miele does not provide approximate cycle times for different wash programs, but Consumer Reports indicated a "Normal" cycle on the previous model would run for about 150 minutes.
Cycle times vary, but Frigidaire estimates a "Normal" cycle will range from about 105 - 130 minutes.
Delayed Start
Yes, you can delay the start of a cycle by up to 19 hours.
Yes, you are able to select a specific time that you would like the cycle to begin up to 24 hours in advance.
Yes, you are able to delay the start of the wash cycle between 1 hour and 24 hours.
Rack System
It has a 2-tier rack system with nylon coated racks and features LG's EasyRack Plus system.
It has a 3-tier dishrack system with Miele's FlexiCare Premium basket configuration and 3D Cutlery Tray (on top).
The SpaceWise® Organization system features 2 dishracks made with Nylon TufRacks™ for enhanced durability.
Control Panel
It uses 279 kWh/year and LG estimates that it will cost around $27/year to run.
It uses 285 kWh/year. Miele estimates that it will cost about $30 a year to run.
It uses 280 kWh/year. Frigidaire estimates that it will cost about $30 a year to run.
48 dB
Miele does not provide decibel levels for any of their dishwashers, but some sources say Q3 rating = 44 to 46 dB.
51.0 dB
Stainless Steel (MDB7749SAM)
Black (MDB7749SAB)
Bisque (MDB7749SAQ)
White (MDB7749SAW)
Custom Panel (G 5675 SCVi)
Clean Touch Steel™ (G 5675 SC SF)
Stainless Steel
Product Grade
Product Grade
Product Grade