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Treadmills: Compare

Report Card Grade
Product Grade
Product Grade
Product Grade
Inexpensive with a good warranty; no assembly required; better incline than other compact, budget treadmills; folding design great for people with limited space; easy to use; purchase includes 4 months of free access to LifeSpan Fitness Club, which is a great way to kick start fitness routine
Extremely affordable; lightweight and portable; folds for easier storage; simple set up; energy efficient
Affordable motorized treadmill; folds for easy storage; RaceTrack™ feature helpful motivator; heart rate monitor
Good for walking and light jogging but not great for intense workouts given the motor size, belt size and lack of cushioning; slight burning smell noted by some users after 30 minutes of use; some users didn't feel the speakers were very good; doesn't have a built-in fan, reading shelf or cup holder
Short warranty; manual treadmills can take some getting used to; some customers have reported issues with the rear bearings coming off and the belt slipping to one side; some customers felt it was noisier than other manual treadmills; doesn't have a very stable frame for heavier individuals; belt is shorter and narrower than other budget treatments; manual incline with only 2 options
Very short warranty; some users had a difficult time setting it up; manual incline with only 3 options; narrow belt
Budget Treadmill
Budget Treadmill
Budget Treadmill
Price (est.)
$158 - $190
Lifetime limited warranty on the frame; 5-year limited warranty on the motor; 1- year limited warranty on parts & labor
3-year limited warranty on the frame; 90-day limited warranty on parts
1-year limited warranty on the motor; 90-day limited warranty on the parts & labor
Manual or Motorized
Motorized (1.5 CHP)
Motorized (2.25 HP Impulse™ Motor)
Yes, it folds down to 11" in height and can be stored vertically or horizontally.
Yes, it folds up to 18" x 26" x 47.5" (L x W x H).
Yes, it can be folded when not in use.
Dimensions (L x W x H)
60" x 31" x 52"
47" x 26" x 44"
65.5" x 28.4" x 53.2"
Weight (lbs)
135 (est.)
56 (est.)
120 (est.)
Belt Size (L x W)
48" x 17" (small compared to other budget treadmills)
42" x 17" (small compared to other budget treadmills)
50" x 16" (narrow compared to other budget treadmills)
Max Weight Capacity (lbs)
0 - 6 mph (also has Quick Start Speed control)
N/A - self powered
0 - 10 mph (also has QuickSpeed™ controls)
Automatic incline from 0 - 10% (1% increments). Also has Quick Start Incline control.
Manual incline at 8° and 10°
Manual incline at 5°, 7° and 9°
Belt Cushioning
Not specified
Not specified
Yes, it has Comfort Cell™ cushioning technology.
Progress Tracking
The console has a blue LCD display screen that shows your progress in terms of time, calories, distance, heart rate, speed and incline level.
The console has a battery-operated monitor that tracks your distance, time, speed, and calories burned.
The console has a blue-tinted LCD display screen that monitors your speed, time, distance, pulse and calories burned. It also has a RaceTrack™ display, so you can watch your progress as if you were running along a ¼-mile track.
Workout Programs
It has 3 speed programs and 3 incline programs.
It features 4 different "Personal Trainer Workouts".
Heart Rate Monitor
Yes, it has a hand grip heart rate monitor.
Yes, it has a Easy Pulse™ monitor that measures your heart rate through your thumb.
Built-In Audio
Yes, it has speakers and a plug for headphones.
Built-In Fans
Reading Shelf
Cup Holder
Product Grade
Product Grade
Product Grade